princesoftheworld said: It is helpful. Thank you. I did want to plan somethings but I wasnt sure when I'm able to go and all. If you dont mind me asking how did you save up to go? I plan to go with two of my friends since we're huge fans of Japan. How did you make the friends you have in Tokyo? :)

I’m sorry I can’t answer privately on my phone ><
As I said to anon I had a 110hours per months contract at McDo (but I would try everytime to do extra hours for money haha.) and stayed there around 10months (right before leaving).
Then everytime I was asked if I wanted to work for a week or even a few days I would say yes. So yes more money haha.
I don’t spend money except for food or few manga in France so it’s easy for me to save up :D
I met my friends online through Japanese cosplay websites~ And then I made new friends in Tokyo during cosplay or otaku events haha.
I hope you can go soon with your friends, it’s really worth it, you always get amazed! (But spend amounts of money everyday omg orz”)

Anonymous said: How did you afford going to Japan??

I worked with a 110hours per month contract at McDonald’s for 9-10months, and took every work opportunity I could get too! (Something like 3months total of different working in restaurants)
Also nothing interests me in France so it’s easy for me to save my money haha.
I also got scholarship since it was an international exchange. ^^