I never made a proper post because I got a one month work right after being back in France, so here it is.

Japan was the most wonderful experience ever. I have no regrets; not a single one. Everyday was fun, and I was looking forward to the next one.

Japanese people know how to have fun, with all those Game Centers and Karaoke; all those Izakaya; all those events..

Japan is beautiful, I was amazed everytime, no matter where I was going; be it by the city or the nature; be it by the super modern side or the traditionnal side..

I also fell in love with Odaiba, I miss this place so much now.

Now that I’m back in France, I’m bored. I have nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Back to the boring life.. At least I can easily save money for next time. I don’t know if I’ll go next year during August (so I can go to WCS & Summer Comiket) or if I’ll wait another year.. Depends on work opportunities.

So yes, this blog is half dead for now, I will update it with reblogs of Japanese places or stuffs, until I can go back there and take my own photos ♥

Thanks a lot to everyone who followed this silly blog; I hope you had a great time seeing my posts and pictures, and if you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask me!